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What happens in a session?

Hypnosis customarily creates a deeply relaxed state in which mental stress and bodily tension are reduced. In this relaxed state, the mind is usually more open to the process of change. This means that the client and therapist can safely work together, using an agreed approach, to enhance mental, physical and emotional well-being". Hypno-psychotherapy can help to achieve positive and lasting results

The initial consultation

Prior to any hypno-psychotherapy taking place there will be a consultation, or consultation period, where the issue or problem to be resolved is discussed and where the client has an opportunity to discuss the treatment approach, the number of recommended sessions and the likely cost.

Medical considerations

Few medical conditions contra-indicate the use of hypnosis, though in some cases liaison with the client's medical practitioner may be appropriate. Almost everyone who wishes to be hypnotised can achieve a level of relaxation sufficient to allow therapy to take place.

The hypnosis session

Generally speaking, during the hypnosis session itself, the client is invited to relax in an armchair or couch and is then guided into a state of deep physical and mental relaxation. While in hypnosis, the client is still generally aware of their surroundings and can choose to come out of hypnosis at any time. No responsible therapist would attempt to hypnotise anyone against their will, or encourage an individual to act against their natural inclinations whilst in hypnosis.

After the hypnosis session

At the end of the hypnosis session, the client will be gently returned to the normal waking state. Most new clients are surprised at how far away the reality of hypnotherapy is from any prior expectation of 'mind control', and find the experience deeply relaxing.