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What can therapy do for me?

Hypnotherapy helps bring about change
Hypnosis customarily creates a deeply relaxed state in which mental stress and bodily tension are reduced. In this relaxed state, the mind is usually more open to the process of change. This means that the client and therapist can safely work together, using an agreed approach, to enhance mental, physical and emotional well-being.

Hypno-psychotherapy can help to achieve positive and lasting results in:

  • Cessation of dependencies and habits
    · Eating disorders
    · Nail-biting
  • Management of stress related disorders
    · Phobias
    · Panic attacks
    · Insomnia
    · Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  • Managing personal crises
    · Accident/trauma
    · Miscarriage
    · Bereavement
    · Redundancy
    · Divorce
    · Terminal illness
  • Optimising psychological well-being
    · Anxiety
    · Depression
  • Achieving personal growth
    · Building/rebuilding self-esteem
    · Resolving relationship difficulties
    · Enhancing job/career satisfaction
    · Improving sporting performance

Only a selection of the many challenges we face, as fallible human beings, are mentioned above.
There are many others and they can be discussed in strict confidence with the therapist.
Please note, however, that there are significant doubts about whether a medically oriented approach (i.e. diagnosis/treatment/cure) is applicable to the above 'problems of living', and that the presenting issue may reflect or cover additional issues.