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Quit Smoking

I don't want to smoke anymore but can't seem to do it on my own!

For the last few years I have been giving my figures into the Smoking Cessation team at the NHS. Which means my figures have to be monitored and proven. During the first session I take a carbon monoxide reading, we then take a second reading on your follow-up appointment and if the reading is below a certain amount only then are you considered a non-smoker.

The lowest success rate I have had over a three month period is 65% the highest 83% (10 out of 12 became a non-smoker) If you are quoted 90% or above sucess rate - Please do ask how the figures are certified!

What Happens In aSession

Please, don't think your coming to see a stage hypnotist it's not the same thing at all - if you think this is a magic wand forget it - it's very powerful but not magic!!

The session lasts for three hours and the following is an example of what's included:-

· Why do you want to become a non-smoker?
· Why do you still smoke?
· Where cigarettes are linked into emotions i.e Stress, Anger, Boredom
· Where habit is linked into cigarettes i.e as a punctuation mark throughout the day, tea & coffee breaks etc
· What type of smoker you are – there’s generally 6 types
· What you feel will be the most difficult areas for you

Then from all the information we have learnt during our first two hours together we take this and put it into the hypnotherapy session. The actual hypnotherapy session lasts approx 45 minutes to one hour. The hypnotherapy session is recorded so that you have a tool that can be used at any time you feel you could do with a little extra help.

Over the years I have worked with well over 100 people to help them kick this habit and have found that the sessions contain some really good helpful information not just for becoming a non-smoker but for lifestyle change.
Today and every day you are making a choice to smoke or not to smoke - in our session together no one is making you do anything - it's about you making a choice not to have a cigarette.

My Story before and after becoming a non-smoker

Having started smoking myself at 11 & not finally taking back control until I was 33 - I figure if I can become a non-smoker anyone can.
By the time I had reached my 20's I was smoking at least 20 a day and if I was going out for an evening then as much as 40.
In your 20's the body can take all sorts, in the 30's I began to notice that sport was more difficult, my breathing strained - so much so that the thought of going for a walk in the country up a hill filled me with horror .
I went to see a hypnotherapist and found that this gave me the extra strength I needed to finally say that's it!

But boy was I stubborn and after the session, just to see if it had worked, I lit up and was quite impressed; it tasted disgusting and I quickly put it out.

I found that by listening to the tape my therapst had given me this really strengthened my resolve and finally here I sit today helping others take the same journey I did – to be free, health, happy and with a healthy vital energy.

One of the best steps I ever took in my life!! Any regrets – yes, that I didn’t do it sooner.

Contact me to discuss you requirements on: 01380 725558

Good luck - I hope you reach that point on your journey! -it really is great and you can do it!

A very good book to start the ball rolling is Allan Carr's latest book.